Compliance made simple

Finally, a solution that is tailored AND affordable

The Platform

Imagine a world in which your business-critical systems – Quality, Lab Management, and Design Control – have the quality and nuance of professional services at the speed and cost of a digital solution. Meet Simploud.

Quality Management

The go-to eQMS platform for small and medium businesses in life sciences and digital health. The only solution that is completely tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Lab Management

A LIMS solution revolutionizing lab operations by combining lab and quality activities in a single platform. Tailored, comprehensive and easy-to-implement LIMS solution.

Design Control

A single platform to manage the entire design process - from input to output, review, verification and validation. A simple way to control complex processes.

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The Simploud Difference


A single source of truth for your company’s compliance needs


Addresses the specific compliance nuances of your industry and company


Continually updates based on changing company and industry compliance requirements


Drastically cuts implementation timeline, quickly turning your specific requirements into reality


Simpoud seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, from ERP and CRM to software dev

Customer support

Cutting-edge technology coupled with real support on the other end of the line

The quality of professional services, without the cost

By marrying cutting-edge tech and a deep understanding of the industry landscape, Simploud offers unparalleled value to its customers.

  • Subscription-based per user, with no other costs. At all.
  • Continuous updates. No extra cost.
  • Seamless upgrades of the Simploud platform. No extra cost.
  • Outstanding customer support. No extra cost.

Simploud In Action

Document Management (DMS) and Employee Trainings (TMS)

Deviations, NCRs, OOS and other Quality Events

Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)

Equipment Calibration and Preventive Maintenance

Audits, Inspections and Supplier Management

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS, SHE, HSE)

What our customers say

Simploud works with clients across the life sciences sector – from pharma and lab management to medical devices, biotech and digital health companies.

We’re a medical device company that manufactures an electrical neuromodulation (REN) wearable for the acute treatment of migraine. We’re using Simploud for about a year now to manage our electronic Device History Records (eDHR). The implementation was fast and simple. The support is great. I would gladly recommend Simploud, very good value for money.
R&D Manager, Medical Device
With Simploud, we are able to use one system for a variety of quality (and business) related tasks. The system is not only flexible, its also very intuitive and user-friendly, which means that you can be up and running within weeks, instead of months (and even years). As entrepreneurs from the pharmaceutical industry, we have tried a variety of QMS systems on the market at this point, and we can honestly say that Simploud is as good as it comes.
CVO, Medical Cannabis
Working with Simploud has been a fantastic experience. For those of you who are looking for a cloud-based QMS, I highly recommend it! The team has such a wealth of knowledge amongst them and tend to their customers’ needs. We’ve been using the system for over a year and are at the continuous improvement stage to streamline things even further within our QMS. We are able to see the data at our sites in real time. The system has been through a couple of FDA inspections now with us and was received very favorably. They are a great partner!
QA Director, Pharma
I have implemented and used many eQMS solutions, and Simploud is exceptional… Simploud has all the tools needed for managing a QMS, either out-of-the-box, or the support team builds it. It is configurable and flexible – automations, dependencies, custom workflows, reports… the system can be adapted to fit our small company’s needs.
QA Manager, Digital Health
In contrast to many other electronic quality management systems on the market, the flexibility of the Simploud system allowed us to automate, and further standardize, our current GMP workflows and not conform to a ‘cookie-cutter’ configuration.
QA Manager, Pharma
Simploud enables us to use a single system for all sorts of activities including training, documents, trial management, audit, quality and lots more and furthermore to link any or all of these activities to one another. The data we have collected is transformational, the staff like it and it’s incredibly flexible. Support is outstanding and very quick. We made a really good choice.
COO, Healthcare Company