Manage your quality in the best eQMS right from the beginning

Many small companies are using paper based or point solutions for managing their quality. In most cases it’s simply due to budget constraints as implementing a best-in-class digital QMS is too expensive for small companies to deal with. Our aim in building Simploud was to allow any company, small or large, to manage their quality […]

What is the most challenging part about implementing a new eQMS?

There can be many different answers to this question, but one specific answer is probably one that is challenging for each company: hidden costs. With the traditional eQMS you must expect to invest most your budget on services such as implementation, validation, upgrades, support, etc. The software itself usually only takes a fraction of the […]

Companies investing in cloud technologies are growing more than 50 percent faster

Dell study reveals that companies investing in cloud technologies are growing more than 50 percent faster than those who stick to their on-premise systems.The Dell Global Technology Adoption Index 2015 surveyed IT and business decision makers of mid-market organizations worldwide to understand how they perceive, plan for and utilize cloud, mobility, security and big data.They […]

We didn’t think of the Coronavirus when we designed Simploud.

Our vision was to create a quality management software that makes everything that has to do with implementing, validating and using the system simpler, while using less human labor. We are happy to see that our vision enables companies that are looking to digitize their quality program or move from an outdated eQMS possible, even […]

Our fast implementation and customization is appreciated in Digital Health

In recent months, we’ve seen more and more digital health companies implementing Simploud to manage their documents, trainings, CAPAs, suppliers and more. In general, these companies are more open towards adopting new technologies, including compliance software.We’re happy to see that our hard work is appreciated by these companies. They can enjoy our fast implementation and […]

Pilots – What are they Good For?

In Part I of this series I’ve questioned the fact that Enterprise software providers cannot provide a trial version and have compared the purchasing of a core software without trying it out to buying a car without driving it.In today’s article, I’ll go even further and claim that going through a POC is a win-win […]