Partner Program

Simploud’s partner program key focus is to provide value to our customers. We offer different partnership types including consulting (focused on project management and industry experts), channel, referral and technology partners.

There are different security measures making the system so secured, infrastructure, design/configuration and user management.

Consulting partners

Although the actual work of implementing Simploud is covered under our standard business model, some companies don’t have the know-how and can use external support. We’re building a global community of companies/individuals that provide these expertise so our customers can get an extra hand when they need it.

Channel partners

Companies that focus on software distribution and/or consulting.

Tech partners

Improve Simploud’s offering by joining forces with other tech companies in our ecosystem to drive shared growth.

Referral partners

Individual consultants who are well connected to relevant industries that can benefit from Simploud. You’re earn a percentage of all licenses sold.