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Controlled Documents

A single location for all of your controlled documents (SOPs, policies, work instructions, legal, HR, etc.). Enable easy access to effective documents and its training activities, manage periodic reviews and link other Simploud records such as equipment maintenance and calibration.

Managing documents and trainings in Simploud

Save time for your employees by providing them a single location for all their procedures, forms, and other controlled documents.

You can easily prepare a new document with a single button click and a flexible data entry form.

Controlled document flexible form

You can choose one or more reviewers and approvers or have the system add them for you based on any rule.

Add participants to the workflow.

Approve the review with an electronic signature and capture additional information.

Apply electronic signature and sign on the document.

Set the training needs for this document directly from the document record.

Bring your documents to effective status, create new revisions and controlled copies.

Effective documents

Use the document’s metadata to group them in the order of your choosing. Easily review all SOPs, forms, and documents by their type, owner, effective date, and more. 

Track training performance.

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