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Local, national and international agencies require extensive reporting on both prevention plans and the occurrence of environmental or safety issues. Simploud captures all the necessary data, provides extensive KPIs and allows reporting to the relevant authorities.

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS, SHE, HSE)

Report on any safety incidents, health case or environmental event. Make sure you capture all data and plan the right process to address the issue, find its root cause and plan the fixes needed.

Flexible EHS data entry form

Different risks can be detected and a proper mitigation plan can be added to eliminate or minimize these risks.

Action plan can be created to ensure proper remedial actions are taken to fix the issue and to ensure it not reoccurring.

Reports can run against a site or location for a specific month in order to get statistical data on the causes and effects in a this specific site or aggregated upward toward a region, country or global.

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