Imagine your paper based QMS as completely digital.

Digital QMS
Digital QMS

You no longer need to search for the latest revision of a document. You can always show auditors the status of your employees’ trainings. All your quality processes are controlled and managed in the exact way your procedures are describing. Get to any quality information or produce statistical reports. All you need to do is open your laptop, phone or tablet and click on a button or two.

We know that in order to have all of this you’ll need to go through a painful process that includes vendor selection, implementation project, validation and going live. And you’ll have to go through all of these painful steps again when you want to add improvements or to introduce new processes.

Simploud is a game changer!

From the beginning of your 30-day free trial you’ll see how your entire QMS can be built, tailored, validated and migrated to production without the need to leave the system.

Within 6-8 weeks you’ll be up and running with documents and employee trainings managed fully in a digital way. Then we can easily add any other process and tailor it to your procedures.

No expensive implementation projects, all is included in the subscription cost.

That’s our definition of Simple cloud, or shortly: Simploud.