Here is how Simploud can help:

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Out of the box

Simploud’s starting point is a set of best practices, so that you have a strong foundation from which to tailor your solution.

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The Simploud team will tailor the system to your needs:

  • Update the workflows
  • Update forms
  • Set logic (email conditions, triggering events)
  • Define permission (determine who in your company can do - or just see - what)

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The system automatically verifies and validates every detail, removing the need to manually write validation scripts, ensuring that your unique configuration is constantly validated

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Import Data

If you have existing data you want to include in the system - including controlled documents, quality records, suppliers etc. - it is easy to integrate the data into the Simploud system.

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The Simploud platform was designed with users in mind and is quite intuitive. In addition, we will provide the resources and support to ensure that your team is up and running quickly and efficiently.

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Continuous Improvement

Compliance is dynamic. With Simploud, you will get continuous enhancements and updates to the platform, keeping you ahead of the curve.

The best way to assess Simploud is to try it for yourself.