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Collaborating With Simploud

Collaborating with Simploud

The way to collaborate with Simploud is by using configuration items.

You can request configuration changes, report a problem, access FAQ’s and ask questions. 

Configuration Items
  • To get to the Configuration Items click on the Configuration Item tab.

  • You can also click on the 9 dots and search for “Configuration Item”.

  • First, pin the Listview with you company’s name. 

  • Now you can open a new Configuration Item. Click on the New button.

  • You can ask questions, request a change or report an issue.

  • Choose the process that you are working on (e.g. Controlled Document).

  • In this list you can see many topics you can use. To find a specific topic use the search box.

  • When clicking on the predefined topics the title will be filled automatically. If needed, you can update it.

  • The predefined topics have a template that will ensure you provide the information needed. You can also write free text to clarify your question/request.

  • Click Save to send the Configuration Item to Simploud, our Success team will use the chat window to update you or ask for additional information.

  • The title and the Configuration Item details will be presented here.

  • Your initial request will be presented on the left side component.

  • Here you can continue the conversation with the Success team.
    You can also add pictures, files or screenshots from the plus sign + (when applicable we recommend using screenshots and pictures so we will understand your request in the best way).

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