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Evaluation Possible Requests


Requests for field changes are the most common and basic requests that customers ask for.
You can:
  • Add fields to the record.
  • Remove fields.
  • Update picklist values.
  • Rename fields.
  • Add help-text to fields.
  • Add/rename/remove field’s section.
  • Update highlight fields (the fields shown at the top of the page).
  • Change the position of the fields.
  • Choose which fields will be mandatory in creation of the record.
  • Choose which fields will be required to fill before moving to a specific status.

When requesting a new field from the Success Team, specify which type of field would you like to create.

Types of fields:

  1. Text
  2. Long Text
  3. Number
  4. Date
  5. Date and Time
  6. Picklist (Dropdown list)
  7. Multi-Picklist
  8. Checkbox
  9. Lookup Field- Connect another object to the record (e.g. user)

We recommend to choose the create new field template when requesting a new field:


Requests for workflow changes are recommended only after you finished designing the fields and the page layout of the record. 
Make sure the existing workflow match your internal process, if not you can ask for the following changes:
  • Remove existing statuses.
  • Add new statuses.
  • Change workflow buttons (rename/change the destination status).
  • Add E-signature to a button.
  • Add a comment to a button.
  • Choose the participant that is responsible for a specific status.
  • You can create a dynamic workflow based on a picklist field (e.g. Document Type) and change the workflow statuses for each picklist value (or only for several values).
  • Choose if the status will be a closed or opened status.
  • Choose a related item that you want to connect to the record and decide which statuses the option to connect the related item will be available.

We recommend to choose the create add button or status template when requesting a new field:

If you have a question that didn’t appear in the FAQ’s, write us a Configuration Item and we will be happy to help!

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