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List Views


List Views

Each process object has a list of tables, where each table contains the different records in the object according to predefined filters.

This list is the “List View” of the object.

List View
  • Clicking on the small arrow, next to the list view headline, will open the list.

  • Clicking on the thumbtack will pin the chosen list view and set it as your default list view.

Pin a List View

It is important to check which list view appears when clicking on an object. Usually the Recently Viewed list view will appear.

Pin the list view that you want to be your default list view.

Clone a List View 

Click on the small setup gear icon.

Choose the “Clone” option.

Change List View Fields

  1. Click on the small setup gear icon.

  2. Choose the “Select Fields to Display” option.

  3. Select fields from the left box and click on the upper arrow to move them to the right box.


Change List View Filters 

1. Click on the small setup gear icon and choose the “Edit List Filters” option.

 2. Filter the records by the owner.

 3. Choose the field that the filter criteria will be depended on.

“Status” displays records with status fields equal to the ones set in the filter.

Click on “Add Filter” allows to create new filters on any field.

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