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Quality Home Page


Home Page Components

The Home Page is the first screen you will see when logging in to Simploud.
From this screen you can reach all processes (objects) and handle your tasks, trainings and reports.

Home Page
  • App Launcher- search for items/objects.

  • Dashboards- a visual display of key metrics (KPI) and trends. Can easily be customized as shown under the “Reports & Dashboards” section.

  • Documents List- easy access to every file uploaded to the system within “Controlled Documents” and “Training Materials”.

  • Simploud’s Objects Tabs- access to your core processes.

  • Settings and Notifications- left to right: settings, notifications and personal settings.

  • Today’s Tasks- presents the user’s tasks due today. The “view all” button directs to the overall user’s open tasks.

  • Recent Items- items recently viewed.

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