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Welcome to Simploud

30 Minutes
Out of the Box


Get to know Simploud.

Create records, check-in documents, assign participants, set trainings and run them through the workflow.

Navigate through the system, search records, etc. 

60 Minutes
Update Fields


Simploud's forms are dynamic and could easily be updated to meet your needs. 

Here you will identify the gaps, add new/remove fields, organize the page layout.

60 Minutes
Update Workflow


Simploud's workflows are dynamic and could easily be updated to meet your needs. 

Here you will identify the gaps, add new/remove statuses and define activity attributes such as e-signatures.

30 Minutes
The Real Deal


Run real use cases in Simploud (start to end), ensure that the changes done are in-line with your needs. You should be able to run different scenarios that cover your day to day work with the system.

Important Note- The scope of the Evaluation Guide is to concentrate on fields and workflows. Additional changes are possible at a later stage.


System Overview

Most process types, whether performed by an individual or a group of people, require some sort of tracking mechanism for it to succeed.  Whenever goals are set, tracking the progress towards these goals is significant. By tracking a process, all the participants involved can simply tell what status a record is in at any given moment, how much work has already been done, and what’s left.

Processes in GMP regulated environments should be tracked in a controlled manner, which adds a complexity layer to the tracking mechanism.

Simploud is a flexible tracking system used for managing any event or action, including the controlling of documents, employees’ trainings, quality events, complaint handling, change management, risk assessments, audits, findings, suppliers, CAPAs, design control, EHS, registration tracking, lab operations and so much more.

How do you Get Started?

This guide will help you learn everything about Simploud.

In each topic we will explain and show how the process works in our system and what is our best practice. Remember that everything can be changed to your needs.
The next step is for you to experience the system and try it out for yourself!

Overall Process

You are now in the evaluation stage. Here you will start working on basic processes in Simploud. In each process you will add/remove fields, update the workflow sequence and get to know how SImploud works.
After completing the evaluation period, you will go into additional settings such as defining required/locked fields, automations, email reminders, permissions, etc. As soon as you complete the design phase you will validate your system using the Simploud auto-validation tool after which we will migrate your configuration to your production.

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