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Training Management


Training tasks are one of Simploud’s core functionalities. 
In this guide you will learn to create training tasks, regarding a specific record, to a group of users.

We recommend working with this guide while having the system open this way you can learn faster and experience it yourself!

Creating a Training Task

There are two ways to create a training task:
  1. From the Training Settings of a Controlled Document record.
  2. From the Training Settings of a Training Material record (for a non- documental task).
Follow along the instructions and let’s learn how to create a training task in both ways!

Controlled Document- Training Settings

Click on the Training Settings tab in the Controlled Document.

  • Check the active button.

  • When- Choose the status in which the training will be created.

  • Who- Choose who will be assigned to the training task.

  • Choose the type of the Training Task-Read&Understand or Training.

  • Status to Cancel- The status in which tasks are no longer created and the tasks from the previous versions are cancelled.

  • Due in Days- The due date of the task will be the creation date + number of days in this field.

  • Repeat in Months- This field allows you to decide if this training will be recurring.

Define Your Training Task

Scroll Down to see other features:

  • Training Instructions- You can also add instructions to the training task.

  • View Affected Users- Click on View Affected Users to see users that are going to be trained on this record.

  • Don’t forget to save!

Creating a Quiz

You can create a quiz to ensure training effectiveness.
The quiz will be required before the task is completed.
  1. Check the Quiz Required checkbox.
  2. Select how many questions the user will need to answer to pass the quiz.
  3. Add the questions with the correct and wrong answers.
  4.  Click Save.

Training Material- Training Settings

Training Materials are there to manage non-controlled document trainings such as:
instructor led, classroom training etc.

Training Material is another object such as Controlled Documents.

If you will choose the Instructor Led type the Instructor Approval status will be added and the workflow will be: 

Basic Idea- Training Material Record

  • Statuses- This path has less statuses than Controlled Documents. The record starts in the draft status and after that moves to the effective status.

  • Training Settings- You can create Training Tasks in the Training Material record the same way you saw in the Controlled Document.

  • Files-You can also add files to the Training Material record.

Go to the Training Material object- from the tab or the 9 dots. Click on the New button.

TM 1

Fill in the Training Name and choose the type of the training.
The types of Training Materials refer to non-documentary trainings.


Where can the users view their training tasks?

a. From the Home Page.

Training Task
  • Go to your Home Page.

  • From the home page the users can see all their trainings they have to complete.

  • You can also click on My Tasks.

Click on More and it will forward you to the Tasks tab.

b. Tasks Tab 

  • Go to Tasks tab from the objects in the QMS application (or from My Tasks on the Home Page shown above).

  • Switch to My Tasks list view and pin it. The list view shows all your open tasks.

  • Click on the Confirm Reading button.

If a quiz is required to complete the training it will pop up:
Answer the questions, the system notify if you passed.
After that sign and complete the training task!

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