Salesforce Partner Explained

SF Simploud
Salesforce and Simploud

If you aren’t in the US, chances are you aren’t too familiar with Salesforce.

Since our Quality Management System is built on top of this revolutionary platform, here is a short clarification why this is a great benefit for you as our customer:
First of all, what IS Salesforce? Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that is used by over 150 000 companies worldwide. Ranked #1 in performance four years in a row, Salesforce has taken the world of AI and cloud software to another level.

So, why should we care? Salesforce is a pioneer of the cloud industry and continues to invest greatly in this technology. It’s enterprise-ready, meeting strict standards set for security across the globe. The scalability is a breeze. No need for huge investments in anticipation of customer growth. It’s faster and more efficient than other systems out there.

So instead of reinventing the wheel, we partnered with Salesforce and built Simploud on top of its platform layer. As a result we deliver: World-class cyber security, reliability, scalability and availability. A system that is simple to integrate with other enterprise systems, and one that stays on the front of technological developments.

We hope that clarified why we chose Salesforce. To find out why you should choose Simploud as your eQMS, shoot us a message, or book a demo via the button on the top of the site.