Design Control

Collaborative and compliant design process

Simploud’s binder concept makes it ideal to mange the entire design process including design input, design output, design review, design verification and validation and design changes.

The electronic binder in Simploud provides a revolutionized way to control complex processes including design control and any other complex project (i.e. complicated change controls). The binder as a simploud record supports all the other simploud features including workflow, tasks, forms, automations, and related items. In addition, it introduces new capabilities that allows users to manage any complex structure, lock it for changes and create revision to the entire structure:

Folder Hierarchy

with the flexibility to create multiple folder structures with unlimited depth you can create as many design templates as needed. Each folder can contain one or more items, all of them searchable and are auto updated.
In this view, the top level of the binder includes the overall structure consisting of the managed data about this specific design version. Folders include design documents, e-requirements and their tests, risks and an overall traceability matrix.

Full Audit Trail

change to any item in the binder will be reflected in the binder audit trail. It allows you to quickly see what has changed lately no matter in which binder record.Auto Update Version: whenever an item in the binder is revised and the new revision becomes effective it automatically replaces the obsolete revision in all the binders it is included in. If the binder is in a frozen status it will stop the auto update and will reflect the binder condition on the time it froze.

Dynamic Risk Matrix

every risk added to the binder is automatically evaluated against the binder risk matrix. Each binder can have its own risk colors that can be easily updated by an authorized user.

Electronic V&V

requirements and tests can be added electronically to the binder allowing to execute the test electronically within the system. Users can execute any test combination directly from the binder.

Live Traceability Matrix

the electronic binder includes a live traceability matrix that displays all the binder’s requirements against everything that is linked to them, tests, risks and any other item included in the binder can be linked to any requirement providing a one view for all requirements and their status.