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At Simploud, we know how critical it is to have a centralized and secure location for all of your controlled documents. That’s why we’ve created a powerful document management solution that puts all of your SOPs, policies, work instructions, legal documents, HR materials, and more in one convenient location.

With Simploud’s document management solution, you’ll have easy access to all of your essential documents, including any related training activities. You’ll also be able to manage periodic reviews and link other Simploud records, such as equipment maintenance and calibration, to ensure that all of your processes are aligned and up-to-date.

Our document management solution is designed to be easy to use and incredibly effective, saving your team time and effort while increasing overall efficiency. Plus, with our top-of-the-line security features, you can rest assured that all of your sensitive information is protected. Trust Simploud to keep your documents secure, organized, and accessible whenever you need them!

Realtime collaboration

Collaborate with ease and confidence using Simploud. Our platform effortlessly integrates with your favorite Microsoft and Google tools, guaranteeing that your team stays in its comfort zone while meeting the highest compliance standards. Say goodbye to complex transitions and hello to smooth, compliant productivity.

Controlled document flexible form

At Simploud, we know that time is precious, and we’re here to help you save as much of it as possible. With our powerful platform, your employees can access all of their procedures, forms, and other controlled documents in a single, centralized location, making it easier than ever to stay organized and efficient.

Our document preparation process is also a breeze. With just a single click, you can create a new document and fill out a flexible data entry form that’s designed to meet your specific needs. This means that you’ll spend less time preparing documents and more time getting work done.


Add participants to the workflow

With Simploud’s platform, you’re in control of your document review and approval processes. You have the option to choose one or more reviewers and approvers, or let our system automatically add them based on your specific rules and guidelines.

Our platform is flexible, customizable, and designed to meet the unique needs of your business. This means that you can set up your document review and approval processes exactly how you want them, without having to compromise on your standards or waste time on manual processes.

Apply electronic signature and sign on the document

Simploud eliminates the need for paper-based review and approval workflows. With our platform, you can easily approve reviews electronically using digital signatures and capture additional information and metadata to keep track of all your compliance and quality processes.

Document record

With Simploud, you can easily set training needs directly from the document record, saving time and effort.

Effective documents

You can easily bring your documents to an effective status, create new revisions, and manage controlled copies, all in one centralized location.

Use the document’s metadata to group them in the order of your choosing. Easily review all SOPs, forms, and documents by their type, owner, effective date, and more.

Track training performance.