Simploud Lab Management (LIMS)

Looking for an all-in-one Quality and Laboratory Information Management System (QLIMS) that revolutionizes lab operations? Look no further than Simplab – a Simploud application built on the Salesforce platform.

Simplab is the first of its kind, seamlessly integrating lab and quality activities under a single system. With Simplab, updating product specifications and assays is a breeze, as all updates are reflected in the same master data within the system, eliminating the need for time-consuming integrations.

Each record in Simplab comes with its own customized workflow, including statuses, actions, and approval roles required throughout the process. Additionally, you can link any record to other related items, giving you a consolidated view of all lab and quality activities.

Choose Simplab for an efficient and innovative LIMS that simplifies your lab operations and streamlines your quality management.

Additional benefits of having one system to manage quality and lab operation are immense:

  • All the SOPs and lab documents are available within the same system which allows you to browse for documents and link them to any lab record.
  • You can make sure all your lab employees are trained to perform their job.
  • Suppliers and the materials they supply can be qualified in the same system that is used for ordering and shipment tracking.
  • Change control processes can be initiated in order to update a preferred supplier or to update a process you’re using.
  • Deviations and out of specification records can be initiated directly from a failed experiment providing real time status update on the issues.

In Simplab you reserve resources to lab activities and see an overview of the occupancy in a calendar and table views. The main lab activities available in Simplab are:

  • Experiments – where different samples are tested against expected results.
  • Environmental monitoring – different locations are being tested and prepared for other lab activities.
  • Batch manufacturing – produce compound product from different materials in the lab.

In addition Simplab manages supporting activities for inventory and other lab processes, here are some supporting actions that can be managed in Simplab:

  • Order materials from suppliers
  • Order material units from stock
  • Accept material shipments from supplier
  • Accept external sample shipments
  • Ship samples to external testing facility
  • Ship products manufactured in the lab
  • Calibrate and maintain equipment
  • Qualify and approve suppliers and materials

There are 4 main areas managed in Simplab, all working seamless with each other and with all other processes in Simploud.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Simplab supports inventory and stock management including material ordering and shipments…
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Storage and Environmental Monitoring

Storage and Environmental Monitoring

SImplab can support any storage or location management including environmental monitoring and storage hierarchy…
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Samples and

Samples and Experiments

Different tests with flexible flows and steps can be linked and executed in the system…
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Batch Manufacturing

Batch Manufacturing

Create a bill of material of any depth and batch produce product units directly from the system…
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