Samples and Experiments

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Simplab can manage any type of sample that your lab manipulates. You can define different sample types, link different test flows and execute these tests as part of an experiment or ad-hoc.

Quickly add samples, equipment and materials to be used in any lab activity (experiment, environmental monitoring and batch production) by booking resources and view the resource booking in a dynamic calendar.

Link, specify and execute tests

Link, specify and execute tests electronically with color indicators and ability to capture results from external devices.

When an experiment or environmental monitoring fails you can quickly open a quality event or OOS directly from the specific test step.

Some of the capabilities in the samples and experiments area of Simplab:

  • Receive sample shipments, label and store them in a compliant storage location.
  • See an overview of all the samples with their statuses.
  • Display a derivation tree for a sample with aliquots.
  • Send samples to external lab facilities.
  • See an overview (schedule) of the upcoming sampling activities.
  • Create, review and approve test flow templates.
  • Define calculations and formulas on data so that the system can execute them automatically and present the results in realtime.
  • Keep track of test template versions and all old versions.
  • Link and specify test flows and specifications.
  • Trace execution of protocol steps on a detailed level.
  • Capture test execution at step execution level, attach files to every step and check the entire progress of the experiment
  • Evaluates test results against specifications and automatically calculate the results.
  • Have an overview of all outstanding tests and their status.
  • Raise a Quality event (deviation or OOS) for a failed test (or test step).
  • Limit protocol step execution to specified users and roles in order to verify each step is executed by the correct trained person.
  • Check whether the equipment that is lined to the test is calibrated and maintained.
  • The system auto generates a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) after approving the test results.
  • Generate a certificate of analysis (CoA) for a test (samples grouped) or a sample (tests grouped).