Inventory Management

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Simplab can manage your entire lab inventory effectively and efficiently including ordering materials, receiving incoming shipments and store specific units in designated storage locations and more.

Some of the capabilities in the inventory management area of Simplab:

  • Suppliers can be defined and qualified in the system.
  • Define materials for qualified suppliers that are qualified in the same system.
  • Define Products, final, intermediate, made by your company.
  • See an overview of all materials units (ordered and in stock) and their statuses.
  • Set thresholds for low stock for each material in the system.
  • Track the quantity of supplies remaining and receive notifications when a stock is running low.
  • The stock data (material units) is updated as soon as a material unit is added, removed from stock or changes status.
  • Receive a clearer image of how much supplies you’re actually using, and make calculated buying decisions, avoiding stockpiling unnecessary materials and saving money.
  • Track expiration dates and receive notifications on expired materials.
  • Receive notifications and alerts before stocks expire so you can order materials from the relevant approved suppliers.
  • Create and submit external orders from suppliers while avoiding duplicate orders.
  • When you order materials the system will present only the approved materials for the specific supplier.
  • Track all incoming material shipments and store the shipped items in storage.
  • Check if the order of materials corresponds with the shipment packing slip.
  • Material units received upon acceptance of shipment are automatically added to the inventory in a selected “quarantine” storage.
  • Derive a sample from a material unit for release testing and release the batch from quarantine once passed.
  • See an overview of scheduled, ongoing, completed, released and conditionally released batches.
  • Raise quality events in case there are issues with the shipment or incoming goods.
  • Link or create flexible electronic forms for a material specification sheet and material risk assessment.
  • You can design and print labels with QR code for every record in the system. For example, design and print labels for material units using the Simploud label designer.
  • Create and submit internal orders to order specific material units from the stock to be used in for production or for executing tests.
  • Scan barcodes in a dynamic way in order to to link Material units, Samples, Locations to LIMS workflows or to storage locations.
  • Label different equipment so you can scan it and either view its information or perform actions like calibration or preventive maintenance.
  • Barcodes and labels can be scanned using the mobile app so no designated barcode scanners are needed. Every employee has a scanning device in their pocket.

Quickly perform tasks

It’s also easy to design, print and scan labels and QR codes to quickly perform tasks or view record information.