Deviations, NCRs, OOS and other Quality Events

Any deviation from your specifications can be easily managed in Simploud, where you can maintain many relationships between the different processes. This flexibility provides greater visibility into previous event occurrences, and allows you to anticipate the possible consequences of every event across your company and supply chain. You can use smart tools to investigate the root cause and assess risks throughout the process.

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  • ​Report on any quality issue and route it through a fully compliant process
  • Dynamic workflows based on any process need
  • Root cause analysis and decision-making tools
  • Embedded risk assessment tools
  • Invite and sequence relevant participants into the process
  • Create and approve draft action plan
  • Create CAPAs and link any item or document
  • Compliant with all regulations
  • Keeps full history of the record
  • Collaboration tools directly in the record
  • Interactive Dashboards and Reports

Report any type of quality event

You can create new quality events as standalone or as a linked event of other quality issues. The entry form for creating the quality event can be adapted to reflect your specific data capturing needs.

Create CAPA as a child of the quality event

You can create or link any other process to the quality event, for example, you can raise a CAPA out of the event.

From creation to resolution

Get a full traceability to the issue resolution by having all the data, files and related records available from the same screen.

Recently created deviations

You can easily review recent events or any other list of issues by using existing list views or creating new list views to match a specific filter you’re interested in.


Flexible quality events dashboards

Create report and dashboards using the drag and drop reporting tool so you can analyze trends and plan your follow up actions.