10 Advantages of Having an Integrated LIMS in Your QMS

Simploud is the first fully blown quality management system that has an integrated lab information management solution (LIMS) as a part of the system at no extra cost. There are lots of benefits in having the quality and lab managed in the same system – this article will present 10 benefits and there are much more you can think of.

Samples and Experiments

Simplab can manage any type of sample that your lab manipulates. You can define different sample types, link different test flows and execute these tests as part of an experiment or ad-hoc.

Storage and Environmental Monitoring

It is essential that every material, sample and equipment can be easily stored and retrieved quickly when needed. Simplab allows to create a flexible storage layout and hierarchy and store materials, equipment or samples in compatible storage locations.

Inventory Management

Simplab can manage your entire lab inventory effectively and efficiently including ordering materials, receiving incoming shipments and store specific units in designated storage locations and more