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The rock being out-of-the-box solutions that are rigid and inflexible. These force teams to adapt their best practices and efficient workflows to a clunky and non-customizable process – all in favor of quality management. Sure, these might cost you less, but they’re not fit for scale and they’ll likely frustrate your quality management team more than they benefit them.

What Changed Since the Birth of QMS 31 Years Ago?

Along with quality assurance and quality control, quality management is another vital part of the quality process. Quality management isn’t just a fad or trend in the industry; it’s been around since the early 1900s and has improved steadily over time to include things like continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and more.

A systematic approach to managing quality is with us since the beginning of the 90s. Here’s how it evolved in recent years, beginning in the early 1990s up to nowadays.

Ask yourself these 10 questions first before selecting a quality management system (QMS)

So you’re in a process of selecting an electronic QMS to improve your quality and make your processes more efficient. There are many solutions out there and everybody promises the best system with great best practices and industry expertise so how can you choose the right system for you. Here are 10 questions you can ask yourself and the QMS vendor to make sure this is the right system for you

10 Advantages of Having an Integrated LIMS in Your QMS

Simploud is the first fully blown quality management system that has an integrated lab information management solution (LIMS) as a part of the system at no extra cost. There are lots of benefits in having the quality and lab managed in the same system – this article will present 10 benefits and there are much more you can think of.

Simplab – the first QMS that is also a LIMS

We’re proud of becoming the first QMS that is also a fully blown Lab management system. What’s included in the initial version: Full inventory and stock management Orders and shipment tracking Storage hierarchy and positioning Experiments and environmental monitoring Resource reservation calendar Flexible flowchart designer Bill of material Product manufacturing Label designer and printer Barcode […]