Enabling Flexibility by Design with Automated Software Validation

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“I really love creating validation scripts,” said no one ever

While there are many differences between a Pfizer and a small life science company, validation is a shared pain. Whether you’re a team of ten or tens of thousands, the validation of compliance systems – during initial implementation of a system but also following every modification made – is extremely time-consuming.

But while a big company has the resources to put into validating each script, for a small company, the time spent on creating validation scripts is time not spent on other mission-critical work. As a result, small companies often find themselves choosing between having a flexible system that they can modify to meet their unique needs and the time spent on creating the resulting validation scripts.

Welcome to automatic validation.

The Simploud system was built with automatic validation as one of its key components, in order to help level the playing field for smaller companies (at least on the validation front). Companies using Simploud are able to revise workflows, change forms/data fields, create automatic business rules, and more, without worrying about the resulting validation work, which is done automatically. 

By eliminating the manual validation work, teams are freed to focus on creating the best system for the company, without taking validation costs – in time, attention, and bandwidth – into account.