Supplier Management

Collaborate with your suppliers

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Your CROs, measurement and calibration equipment, IT/software, couriers, and other key GxP vendors in your supply chain must adhere to your quality standards. Simploud allows for seamless, transparent collaboration with all of your vendors.

Approved supplier list. ASL

Manage all of your suppliers in a centralized location. See their historical performance, upcoming audits, and legal documents.

Supplier card

Your supplier information is available using a flexible data entry form.

The process will qualify new suppliers based on a structured methodology that can be dynamically adapted to the type of supplier and its risk.

Supplier audit

The audit process is linked to the supplier record. During the audit process, the audit team can detect findings. At the end of the audit process the auditor submits a report (audit report) to the audited supplier with a summary including these findings, and what are the recommendations to resolve the issues. The supplier has a defined period to respond to these recommendations with an action plan.

Supplier questionnaires

Suppliers can be assessed by the quality group directly in the system to make sure their quality standards are in sync with the organization. Collaborate with your suppliers in Simploud using our integrated supplier portal, send questionnaires, sign agreements, and share information about quality records in a centralized hub for communicating with your vendors. From qualification through on-boarding and active work.

Assign tasks from within the supplier record, easily add additional types of questionnaires.

Integrated community portal

Suppliers can complete tasks you assign them with via the integrated community portal.

Audit dashboards

Track supplier performance using a drag and drop reports and dashboard tool.