Compliance: Taking the headache out of system migration


When macroeconomics waters become choppy, companies double down on their efforts to identify cost-cutting opportunities across the company. However, solutions and platforms used in the more sensitive areas of the business – such as compliance – often remain untouched not because of their quality, but due to the complexity (and resulting fear) of migrating systems. The outcome? Existing systems that might be unnecessarily expensive or a poor fit for a company’s current compliance needs often remain in place to avoid migration headaches. 

In the current downturn, companies can leverage technological advances that turn migration from a headache to a non-issue. At Simploud, for example, we have developed Q-Migrate, an agnostic data and config migration tool that allows you to seamlessly transition from any current solution to Simploud, without any of the usual migration headaches (and even stomachaches…)  now

With the right technology in place, companies are no longer saddled with expensive systems for fear of the risks and costs of migration. With the right solution, companies can make the transition smoothly and efficiently, and save much-needed funds without compromising on quality in these choppy economic waters.