Don’t Compromise on Your eQMS/LIMS, Switching Systems Was Never Easier

Some background, the fact is that many businesses find themselves with systems that are not bringing enough value, or worse, requiring employees to work inefficiently. This is very common with complex systems such as ERPs, CRMs, eQMS’, LIMS’, etc., that require a high level of customization to meet unique requirements. These systems are critical for the success of every company and are part of the competitive advantage companies need to meet and exceed their goals. 

And still, many businesses avoid replacing their existing systems thinking they better stick to the devil they know than the devil they don’t. This is mainly due to concerns about the effort it’ll require to change systems, the main reasons we heard over the years are: 

  • it’ll be a huge effort/cost to implement a new system.
  • migrating data is preserved as a mission impossible task.
  • training the end-users again.
migratory birds
Don’t Compromise on Your eQMS/LIMS, Switching Systems Was Never Easier 2

The reality for small and medium-sized businesses is that the eQMS and, or LIMS solutions they currently use were not designed based on their business needs and the key reason for it has to do with the cost of tailoring the system to their unique use entails significant cost which they avoided due to budget constraints. The solutions they use are the out-of-the-box that the software vendors offer. But here is the catch, every company is unique, each with its own way of working. 

And for the good news, the migration process is simple, leveraging advanced technology and new methodologies Simploud offers an alternative, completely transforming the way complex systems are implemented and kept up to date with everchanging business requirements. Enabling companies to implement business-critical applications that are aligned to their needs. 

In the past 12-months, we see more and more companies that realize that there is no reason to compromise and migrate to Simploud from their existing (outdated) on-prem or cloud solutions.