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Batch Manufacturing


When batch production is used, a number of identical products are produced simultaneously (instead of one at a time). These batches go through the manufacturing process together.

Batch Records

Document the materials, manufacturing, and packaging involved in the process.

BOM Hierarchy

BOMs show the hierarchical structure of the finished product.

Product Units

Create and store material units.

External Product Shipment

Ship the product you created to external resources.


Material Product

When creating a material product, you can define the “BOM” (Bill Of Material) Hierarchy.


Screen Shot 2022 05 08 at 16.49.47
  • You can filter the list view to show only Material Product category.

  • Open a product from the list or create a new material.

Product Hierarchy

To define the product hierarchy click on the Add Material button.

Screen Shot 2022 05 08 at 17.08.12
Screen Shot 2022 05 08 at 17.02.10
  • Fill in the mandatory fields and define which material is part of the hierarchy and define the amount.

  • Click on the Save Material button.

The BOM will show up in an hierarchy diagram and each child material will be presented under the parent.

Screen Shot 2022 05 08 at 17.28.13

Creating Batch Production

After we defined the BOM for the material, we can now create a batch of material units. The quantity of the whole BOM for the material will be calculated automatically to the amounts of the batch produced.

Screen Shot 2022 05 09 at 12.54.21
  • Go to Simplab Home Page.

  • Click on the Production tab. gif maker 51
  • Click on the New Batch Production button to create a new batch.

  • Fill in the required 

Screen Shot 2022 05 09 at 14.51.18
  • Here you can see the BOM table that you defined for the product.

  • Click on the Create Units button to create the material unit batch.

After clicking on the Create Material Units button, the system automatically creates the number of material units required in a batch. You can see the material units created in the related items right component.

Screen Shot 2022 05 16 at 10.57.04

External Product Shipment

After the batch production and the creation of the material unit you can manufacture the products and create external product shipments. gif maker 52
  • Go to the Shipment tab in the Home Page and click on Outgoing Product.

  • Choose the material units you want to ship.

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