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Becoming a Customer

Congratulations! You are officially a Simploud export.
Evaluation Period Finished 100%

We recommend to start exploring the advanced features that Simploud has to offer.

In the “For the Future” category we included a couple of articles explaining what more you can add to your processes and give you a little bit of taste to what is waiting for you.. 


The next steps of becoming a customer:

You are here

Currently you finished your Evaluation Period.

The environment that you worked on is called the production environment. This environment will be in the future your "Go Live" environment.

Initial Design

The next step is creating your QA environment that is your designing environment. The starting point will be the ending point that you finished your POC.


After finishing designing a certain process you will start your validation process.

Go Live

Once validating your process in QA the success team will migrate the process to production.

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