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Reports and Dashboards


Salesforce Reports

A report is a list of records (like controlled documents or trainings) that meet the criteria you define. But reports are much more than simple lists.

To get the data you need, you can filter, group, and do math on records. You can even display them graphically in a chart.

Simploud incorporates Salesforce reports and dashboards, which allow monitoring of any process within the company.

  • You can present the data as a chart or a diagram. 

  • Here you can see the data of the report and even reach the specific record presented in the report.

  • Choose the fields that will be presented in the report and how the report will be grouped by.

Simploud’s Reports

By using Simploud’s functionality any record in the system can have multiple printing templates (can include the audit trail, related items, signature table and more).


A dashboard is a visual display of several reports together. You can display multiple dashboard components on a single dashboard page, creating a powerful visual display and a way to consume multiple reports that often have a common theme.

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