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Samples and Experiments

Simplab Samples and Experiments

1. Experiment Preparation- Samples

Create a new sample

  • Go to Simplab Home Page.

  • Click on the Samples tab.

In the template category you can choose- Non Template/Template.

A sample template allows you to have many samples with the same test (e.g. blood samples).

1. Experiment Preparation- Materials

To create an experiment of material units we first need to link the test for the experiment to the material.

  • Go to the Material tab in the home page.

  • Choose or create a new material and link the relevant test for the experiment on the material.

Now we have to go through the steps of creating/receiving a material unit. To see the full steps go to the inventory management article.

2. Create an Experiment

Now let’s create our experiment.

We can choose to create:

a. Sample Testing Experiment

b. Material Unit Testing

  • Go to Simplab Home Page.

  • Click on the Experiment tab.

Click on the Experiment button and fill in the mandatory fields for the Experiment record.

3. Book a Resource

  • Open the Experiment record.

  • Click on Book a Resource. Choose the resource that the experiment will test.

4. Test Execution

  • First- Refresh the page.

  • After refreshing, you will see the add test button. This button allows you to add tests from the linked tests that we connected before to the Material.

  • Click on the Execute Test and Open Test buttons.

  • Click on the Edit button.

  • Fill in the mandatory fields and and schedule the experiment date.

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