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Samples and Experiments

Simplab Samples and Experiments

1. Experiment Preparation- Samples

Create a new sample

Screen Shot 2022 05 06 at 14.02.25
  • Go to Simplab Home Page.

  • Click on the Samples tab.

Screen Shot 2022 05 06 at 14.46.39

In the template category you can choose- Non Template/Template.

A sample template allows you to have many samples with the same test (e.g. blood samples).

Screen Shot 2022 05 06 at 14.47.39

1. Experiment Preparation- Materials

To create an experiment of material units we first need to link the test for the experiment to the material. gif maker 47
  • Go to the Material tab in the home page.

  • Choose or create a new material and link the relevant test for the experiment on the material.

Now we have to go through the steps of creating/receiving a material unit. To see the full steps go to the inventory management article.

2. Create an Experiment

Now let’s create our experiment.

We can choose to create:

a. Sample Testing Experiment

b. Material Unit Testing

Screen Shot 2022 05 08 at 14.07.48
  • Go to Simplab Home Page.

  • Click on the Experiment tab.

Click on the Experiment button and fill in the mandatory fields for the Experiment record.

Screen Shot 2022 05 08 at 14.30.50
Screen Shot 2022 05 08 at 14.31.33

3. Book a Resource gif maker 48
  • Open the Experiment record.

  • Click on Book a Resource. Choose the resource that the experiment will test.

4. Test Execution gif maker 49
  • First- Refresh the page.

  • After refreshing, you will see the add test button. This button allows you to add tests from the linked tests that we connected before to the Material.

  • Click on the Execute Test and Open Test buttons. gif maker 50
  • Click on the Edit button.

  • Fill in the mandatory fields and and schedule the experiment date.

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