The real digital transformation for your eQMS

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The real digital transformation for your eQMS 2

Digital transformation for information systems had the potential to bring tremendous value to the life science industry.

Pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and other regulated companies could now focus on what they do best and instead of keeping a full IT infrastructure to support their information systems needs they could subscribe to flexible services. 

The cloud offerings for eQMS today are not ready for this digital transformation they are so proudly advertise. Instead, they are trying to hold on to their old habits, the professional services and complexity.
Instead of enjoying full flexibility of designing your own system to match your needs, you need to stick to the “best practices” in order to “lower costs”. 

You may think that they have a point, why should I pay so much money for changing the system to my needs, lets trust these highly experienced companies and leverage their best practices that will save tons of time and money spent on the dreadful VALIDATION.  

Well, we’re challenging this approach.  

We don’t believe you should settle for a mediocre system with a big brand behind it. Why should you implement a system that doesn’t fit your organization, if you can subscribe to a service and get the full flexibility to change the system to your own procedures and processes. Isn’t this what digital transformation promised us?

How can a 10 people company use the same processes as a global, tier-1 giant?

During the past decades I’ve met many quality professionals from hundreds of highly regulated companies of all shapes and sizes, the reality is that no two companies are the same, no matter how much the guidelines and regulations are similar, the variations within the different needs never ceases to amaze me. 

Companies have their own DNA and the flow of information between the different roles goes to different directions in the same process.  

Simploud offers a different approach. Full flexibility, all processes are included and are fully validated throughout the design process.

And the greatest thing is – its all covered in the subscription, yes that’s right, full flexibility at no added cost.  
Simploud was designed as a requirement driven system, a system that can easily be tailored to any customer need without the human effort, all this while keeping compliance at all time. How is it possible you may ask, well, it is, technology backed by experience.