What is the most challenging part about implementing a new eQMS?

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Young woman climbing challenging route in cave at sunset, Kalymnos island, Greece

There can be many different answers to this question, but one specific answer is probably one that is challenging for each company: hidden costs. With the traditional eQMS you must expect to invest most your budget on services such as implementation, validation, upgrades, support, etc. The software itself usually only takes a fraction of the costs.

We at Simploud don’t like hidden costs; we believe in transparency and the straight forward approach. Therefore, we created a newer, more modern way of implementing and maintaining your quality system.
Simploud’s subscription cost includes everything. That means that implementation and customization, training, support, validation, upgrades, and more, is included in the monthly cost. And because we are almost exclusively driven by technology, we have managed to create a software that is not only more efficient and simple, but also at an absolute minimal cost.

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